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Achievements, Goals

Well, it’s goals and achievements time. For those who aren’t curious about this part of the writing process — where you look on your achievements and make new goals — feel free to skip this post and not look back.

I set myself a few writing goals for 2007. The first one was that I would sell at least 3 stories. I managed to achieve that by mid-year, so I decided I should have been more ambitious, and decided to go for double. My thinking was that it was something out of my reach, and therefore it would motivate me to work harder.

Well, as of a couple of days ago, I got my sixth acceptance of the year (plus a novella on hold somewhere else for further consideration). I’m quite pleased with my publication record so far. To date, I’ve made 32 fiction submissions, and sold 6. This gives me an acceptance record of a little over 18%, which is quite good, I’m told.

(It’ll be nice when I actually see more of the pieces in print, of course, but sometimes it just takes time. Currently, half of my acceptances are in print, which means three of my acceptances are not yet out in print or online.)

I also think I’ve made strides in terms of writing itself. I’ve developed more of a voice, found ways of intensifying my storytelling, experimented with humor (dark and otherwise), played with tropes from several genres I’m not used to working in — “fantasy/new weird,” for example, and one stab at “space opera” — and gotten a lot smarter about reworking my own stuff, more merciless with the editorial scalpel, and more mindful of my beginnings. I’ve even experimented with settings toward which I don’t naturally tend, like a near-future Burma, a colony planet, and a small town in Texas.

So things are coming along on that side of the work, too.

But it’s time for some new goals, and I’m still working them out in my head. I think the basic shape of them will be like this:

Submitting and Publishing

Writing and Craft

Reading and Development

So those are my writing goals for the next while.
1. A Korean-American being pestered by an intelligent, talking dog who saw a report about Koreans eating dog on doggy-TV; a story about immigration and life extension in a future, post-Reunification North Korea (the story InterZone just accepted); and a ghost story about the suicide of a Korean comfort woman’s granddaughter and her foreign boyfriend. And since then, I’ve written a few more bits of historical fantasy, as well as a Korea-based Asian superheroes novella. So yes, I write a lot about Korea. 

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