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Great Progress

I’ve made great progress on a few things:

After that, I think I’ll take a week off writing and do some relaxing reading, as well as catch up with other things.

Also, this Friday, I think I’ll go get my ribs looked at. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but one evening last week, I had a very strange sensation, as if a fish had slapped itself against the inside of my ribs, and breathing or rolling on that side was slightly uncomfortable. It got better, but it’s still sensitive. I’m too busy at the moment, and it doesn’t outright hurt, but I think it’d be worth getting that looked at. Lime thinks it’s nothing serious, but I still would like to know what the hell it actually was.

(Though, if it’s just muscle pain, as Lime suggests, then no trace will remain and nothing will show up anywhere. However, I think there’s something up with the rib. The one side feels, um, less solid than the other, and the ache kind of comes and goes. However, I hope I’m just obsessing about nothing.)

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