37.6 MB

So like I mentioned, Friday I was told that I was expected to submit what I’m currently calling a “teaching dossier” — I’m sure there’s another term I’m supposed to use, but I can’t remember it and I’m too tired to look. Late last night, I finalized my grades, so I had all of today […]

The Nightmare is Over, Well, Mostly

I’ve finished my grading. It took hours and hours, mostly because I was so busy this semester that all the grades were on scattered pages, listed in different things, and so on. Happily, I don’t need to deal with little attendance papers because attendance isn’t (really) a part of the grades — though I use […]

Grading and Submitting Documents

I’m happy to report that I’ve finished the large majority of the grading work I need to do. I have some calculating of numbers, and so on, but I really only have two classes left to enter the data for — unfortunately, my largest class is one of them. I hope to finish that tonight, […]

Wanna CD?

See that new block in the sidebar? Yep, I’m flogging CDs for a now long-disbanded rock group. I figure, what the hell, someone might actually want a copy. Better than all that plastic and paper and time and music gone to waste. Not that anyone in the band has seen a red cent for it […]

Um, Thanks, Guys…

I’d been having network connection problems for a week or so — the network booting me at random intervals, anywhere from ten minutes to 40 minutes — and finally, when messing around with the installation of Internet Explorer I can run under Wine on my Linux installation, I figured out that it was indeed the […]