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I mentioned having tests recently.

I’m fine. The gut pain and rib pain seem, says the doctor, to be related to excessive leaning over during that editing project, and too much sitting around in front of my PC with bad, bad posture. Which doesn’t surprise me: other problems have been cropping up too — back problems, tension and even joint pain in one leg and ankle…

Time to start exercising. Between Lime, the doctor, and me, there was a strong consensus that it’d be wiser to start with prodigious amounts of walking, and graduate to running later on, when I’m in a bit better shape and likelier to stick with it, as well as not hurt myself.

Michael Torke’s boxed set is still the best musical thing in my world, at the moment… for the moment, anyway. Ahhh…that Saxophone Concerto! Javelin! Adjustable Wrench! Damn, man!

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