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So like I mentioned, Friday I was told that I was expected to submit what I’m currently calling a “teaching dossier” — I’m sure there’s another term I’m supposed to use, but I can’t remember it and I’m too tired to look.

Late last night, I finalized my grades, so I had all of today to compile all of the handouts, evaluation forms, syllabi, and other materials I’ve created in the last two years, plus write up a letter describing what, besides my teaching duties, I’ve been doing to enrich the campus, so that someone somewhere will process my department’s request to renew my contract.

I’m sure I’ve overdone it, but I wanted to make sure, since sometimes officials can be a little sticky. So I have collated all of the handouts for all of the classes I’ve taught since coming to this university, and sorted them, and you know, now I’m a little glad of it — this will save me oodles of time this year, in terms of producing materials. All I need to do is dig out the appropriate (and now very-easy-to-find) handout, give it a quick look, and get the appropriate number printed up. Hell, I could get appropriate numbers printed up weeks ahead of time, this time around!

The title of this post tells you how many megabytes of material I’ve amassed, by the way. That is, in PDFs, at 100% quality. It’s probably considerably less in .rtf files, but the PDFs are what I’ll be bringing to the office tomorrow to print. There’s easily two hundred pages, perhaps more.

I’ll be submitting this with a long (3-page) letter of the “extra” stuff I’ve been doing on campus, along with a reference letter from the dean of another department for whom I do editing (International Affairs, at that), a copy of an interview I gave with the campus English magazine that I edit for, and a copy of the chapbook I published for my students this semester.

So I shouldn’t be nervous at all, and I guess I’m not… but I have to wonder, what would have happened with this request, and this deadline, if I’d been ranging about in the wilds of Laos as I’d previously planned? What if I’d decided to go home to Canada for Christmas, and left the archives of my school stuff on my computer?

All the more reason, I suppose, for this collection of documents to be maintained. The next time someone asks me for a teaching dossier, I’ll have one one hand that’s up-to-date with exercises in ten or more different kinds of classes.

Though, then again, this may not be useful. There aren’t too many jobs in Korea where one teaches poetry to Korean students… or public speaking, or debate. Sure, some of the exercises are transferrable, but…

… okay, I’d rather not think about it for now. I want to stay on the bright side, at least for the moment. In any case, it’s done, and I’m glad it is. But I sure wish I’d been given more time to do it.

Anyway, I need to be up in six hours, to go pick up that reference letter, and get the printing under way, so I’d best get to sleep!

UPDATE (31 Dec. 2007):

So I spent the morning in the office printing PDFs, organizing them, stapling, paperclipping, and so on, and what did I discover?

December 31st wasn’t the last day I could submit these documents. It was the first day. I could have taken my time and done it at a relaxed pace for the whole coming week, and it would have been fine.

Ah, the joy of miscommunications. (censors muffled grumbling)
Whatever: it’s done, and the office assistant who usually helps me did an amazing job of helping me collate and organize everything, to the point of staying late in the office on New Year’s Eve. (Late being until 1:00pm — I didn’t know the office assistants had the afternoon off, and I didn’t know that today wasn’t the deadline until just before we finished it all.)

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