To the Ajeoshi Who Wanted to Fight With Me Near the Exit at Yongsan Station When I was Walking to Emart to Buy Sour Cream and Tinned Tomatoes, Or, How It Feels Sometimes Living Here

Dear drunken psychotic moron bastard, I’m sorry I couldn’t beat the living crap out of you. The problem is, I suspect that you’d be let off scott-free, while I’d be spending a week in deportation jail before being sent unceremoniously to Canada. I’m not sorry that I didn’t wave back at you. I do regret […]

New President

Not the one I was rooting for. Nor the one the vast majority of my students claimed to be rooting for. I’m curious to hear how the ongoing “independent investigation” of various charges of manipulation of the price of shares will go. Especially since he’ll be immune to prosecution while he’s President. He’s, ahem, promised […]


For those interested, there’s an interesting market I’d never heard of before, which the esteemed author and Interzone e-subs slusher Jetse de Vries mentioned recently on his website. Nemonymous is a series of anthologies put out by Megazanthus Press, a British publisher, and edited by D.F. Lewis. The neat thing is that they publish stories […]