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Hi all. I will be experimenting with returning the RSS feed to its original state, ie. not mirrored through Feedburner but rather running directly off this site.

The reason is that I’m making efforts to control the amount of data that gets out on “restricted” posts, a feature that I stopped using a while ago but have decided I would once again like to use as I “professionalize” my blog into a multi-purpose writer’s homepage-type site. As discussed here, Feedburner (and Google in general) don’t recognize feed authentication of this kind. This might explain why, for some users, protected posts have been publicly available, while, currently, with my new privacy plugin in operation, the private posts are completely inaccessible on the feedburner feed, which refuses to recognize any kind of authentication!

The take-home message I’m getting is that Feedburner isn’t interested in letting me restrict any of my posts from public cosumption. That’s too bad, because I am basically ready to insist on it — so I guess I won’t be using Feedburner anymore. (That is, if I’ve understood everything I’ve read.)


If you’re currently reading my site via RSS reader, and there’s no post following this in your feedreader within a day or two (I need time to experiment), you’ll want to unsubscribe from the Feedburner feed, and visit this page to get the new feed links.

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