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삼거리 극장 (The Ghost Theater, aka Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater)?

UPDATE (17 Feb 2008): I have a copy on its way. Lime ordered it for me. Last time we checked, it wasn’t available anywhere, but now it is. Whee! 

Ever since I heard about this film, I’ve wanted to see it, but I’ve never seen it on any shelf, or advertised here, and it’s never available at

And yeah, it does exist — there’s even a trailer here er, here:

And yeah, in one way, it looks like another Fox Family, a film I hated in the theater (though it grew on me later), but even if the ghosts are made up like teen boyband popstars who have discovered The Cure circa The Head on the Door, this still looks a little more inventive and interesting.

Not just because it’s about a kid hanging out with a bunch of ghosts, but also because

So anyway, no idea if I’ll ever see it — it seems to be nowhere I look — but this is definitely a film I’ve been waiting for.

And if anyone has a copy he or she would like to part with, let me know…

Here’s a cute scene from the film:

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