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Anyone Seen It?

I have a feeling that the Season 1 DVD of this show (video below if you’re not reading this on LJ — a promo for This American Life, the TV version of the show) would be an excellent resource for courses in Intercultural communication or even just listening and discussion. (Even if I’d have to go to the trouble of ordering it myself — word came down from the office that one of the DVDs I’d requested couldn’t be bought because it’s not available in Korea, and just this week, the Essay-Composition textbook I settled on for my Essay Writing course was “rejected” by the bookstore because it’s not available through a Korean distributor. So I would have to get it myself, if I wanted it.)

Has anyone out there in American TV-land been watching it? Is it as interesting as the trailer suggests? Do you think Ira would beat me up if I downloaded an episode or two to check and see, before ordering it?

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