Good Grief!

Thanks to Boing-Boing, I know that: Jimi Hendrix made a Sex Tape. And now someone else is releasing it. Psychopaths are great correspondents. (Among others.) Canadian copyright is about to go nuts. (Hardly a surprise: the USA is exported n even-more-draconian form of copyright law to Korea, and Canada’s much more of a USA-wannabe.) As […]

Rainbows End, by Vernor Vinge

Whenever people talk about The Singularity, one reaction I always feel in my gut is, “Okay, describe it.” Of course, by its very definition, the Singularity is [relatively] indescribable, since it’s what is as incomprehensible to our minds as our world is to the mind of a goldfish. In this way, The Singularity is, I […]