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“Big Waves” Kill 9

Article here. There were kids around. Some of them saw their own parents swept out to sea.

South Korea’s weather agency had forecast there would be strong winds and high waves in the area but did not issue any advisory…

Er, did not bother, perhaps, might be a fairer description? What’s the point of having the tech and forecasting if you don’t put the word out? I mean, we even had hail advisories in my hometown, and we had hail, like, once every few years at most.

I’m not saying Korea ought to be exactly like Canada. I’m saying it would be fully doable to have systems that worked, if anyone bothered to try. Totally doable, since the tech to do climate modeling and forecasts is totally in place.

Maybe things like this would happen anyway, but I bet they’d happen less often.

Sigh.  Happy Children’s Day.

(via Brian in Jeollanamdo, a blog I’m just getting into. And not just because me mentioned me in a positive light, either; I happen to agree with a lot of what he says in that post, and what others wrote here.)

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