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Welcome, Asimov’s Readers!

I guess some people might visit after reading my story in the July 2008 Asimov’s SF, which has gone out in the mail (though I’m sure it isn’t on newsstands yet) titled, “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons’ Blues.” I hope you enjoyed it, though I guess if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have come here.

Anyway, welcome to my site, and feel free to have a look around if you like. A lot of my recent posts here are about current Korean political stuff, but if you dig, you can find all kinds of other stuff. If you’re like to find some tracks of me playing saxophone, pop over here.

In the sidebar, you can find links to more stories online (including the text and podcast of “Pahwakhe,” which was drafted in the same week of Clarion West, or my Greg Egan fanboy tribute “The Egan Thief” at Flurb), as well as lists of my forthcoming fiction… including another story in Asimov’s. My bio is here, and if you’d like to know more about “Lester Young…” I’ve got some background on when and why I wrote it here.

(To my regular readers, I’m going to leave this stickypost up for a while, as well as adding a link to the Fictionwise version in my sidebar under “Published Stories,” when it becomes available, for those who might want to check it out but don’t want to order the paper version.)

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