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I’m Voting…

… well, I’m not. As far as what I’ve been told, I’m not allowed to vote because I’ve been expatriate too long. Which is bloody stupid, but it’s what I was told during the last national Canadian election. (If you know different, please tell me!)

But this is amusing and very interesting, and so are the Mac ad ripoff political spots here. I’m sure there are similar things on the right, though I wonder how much mass appeal is possible given the obvious disadvantages of the Right agenda.

Still, the thing to remember is, we’ve only had an internet less than 20 years. This stuff is going to get a lot more sophisticated in terms media savvy and argumentation. What we can expect is that the vast majority of street-level creativity we’ll see will be Leftist, but the glitziest stuff will be Rightwing.

And this, by the way, is another reason to be very wary of government censorship or control of Web content of any kind. Three cheers for the EFF!

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