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Clarion West Write-a-thon, 2008

This year I’ve decided to do the write-a-thon again, though not in such a demanding way as I did last year. Last year, I wrote something like 15,000 words a week. Which made me, physically, a little sick, so I won’t be doing that again. (I need to get my blood pressure and health under control, plus I’m working on a big textbook-writing project and a few articles this summer.)

So instead, I’ve got a more manageable goal in mind: I will write or co-write three or four stories during the write-a-thon, of which three will be going out by the end of the WAT period.

This is, of course, to raise money for Clarion West, the workshop I attended in 2006 and which basically set me down the path I’m on today. Many of the stories I’ve published in the past year had their genesis at the workshop, but it was also just overally a powerful experience for me in terms of making me a smarter, batter, more aware writer.

I think other people deserve that experience too, but the workshop takes money to run. Even with lots of volunteers giving their time freely, there are expenses. So there’s a write-a-thon, and people pledge money while I go out of my way to write some kickass fiction.

Sponsoring me is something you can do here, but I want you to know that it’s not really sponsoring me: you’d be sponsoring other up-and-coming writers who may well give you hours of pleasure and enjoyment in the future.

It’s a six week write-a-thon, and you can pledge any way you like, as much or little as you like. $5 a week would be $30 for the six weeks, or you could put down a lump sum. All the money goes to operating the Clarion West Workshop, whichI assure you is a very worthy cause!

If you want to pledge, you can fire me an email, or leave a comment here. Or just think about it. There’s a PayPal button here where you can donate as one of my sponsors, or you can think it over and watch my progress (it’ll be listed here), and donate a little later if you like.

By the way, if you sponsor me, I’ll Tuckerize you (or a person of your choice) in one of the stories.  That is, some character will turn up with your name, or looking like you, or whatever you like. Or I could Tuckerize your dog, or your car, or whatever. It’s up to you. And, unlike last year, there’s no novel on the table at the moment, so there’s no chance of your Tuckerization disappearing when I realize the novel is doomed. It may take some time, though: I’ve still got one or two stories from last time left to revise and edit, and there are Tuckerizations in those stories.

But it may well see the light of day and the transience we piddlyt humans refer to as “immortal fame.” There: that’s your motivation. Sponsor me!

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