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Night Guard Question

Langage barrier with the dentist, so I’m asking here!

I got my night guard today from the dentist, to deal with the teeth-grinding issues I have when I sleep.

But when I first got it, the thing was REALLY tight, like, to the point of hurting. The dentist made some adjustments and all, but it still feels extremely tight. He said it would adjust to my mouth and feel more normal after some time. (It’s made of hard resin.)

1. A website I saw suggested wearing it during the day (about 8 hours per day) for a week before trying to wear it at night. Anyone else do this?

2.Those of you with night guards — did yours also feel tight as hell when you first tried it on? (It’s just that it feels like it’s pressuring my front teeth back and the teeth on the sides inward, even though the dentist said, “Oh, no, no, it’s not!”)


By the way, I’ll probably revert the post to limited access later, because who wants to read about night guards? But I still appreciate your comments!

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