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Links Updated

As a break from thinking about the film Yesterday, I threw in a plugin to help me manage the link order in my blogroll. I deleted a couple of links I no longer visit — some just because, some because the things I’ve seen at the far side of the link has infuriated me — and I have moved a bunch of links from one category to another.

Plenty of links could have gone into a few different categories. If I know you personally but stuck you under “Writers” it’s because I am thinking you might benefit from this exposure. If I put you in “Clarion West Folk,” you’re still a writer, but you’re in my gang. Unless you’re a famous author or editor, then I didn’t put you there. Anyway, there’s a logic to it, but believe me — your link could have gone to a few different places.

Also, note the “scare quotes” around the category “Korea blogs” — this is a catch-all for blogs written by people in (or seemingly in) Korea, but not always about Korea.

New additions include:

…plus tons of author links and a few new links for publishers, and a few I’m sure I’ve missed. I’ll be adding more, but my fit of blogger’s myopia has passed, and I’m now ready to get back to work!

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