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The Beach

No, not the film with Dicaprio. I went to the beach a week ago with this couple I hang out with, Gwen and Mike. Good times. You might remember my mentioning a sunburn? That’s how I got it. (And I was under the beach umbrella almost the whole time! (Except when shooting these photos!) Anyway, some of my pictures actually turned out nicely, so it’s okay…

Yeah, yeah, everyone's shot this photo before, I know. But it's mine.

The flickr set is here.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, one more oddity people outside Korean will find interesting: the beach was essentially empty. And a week before, it had been crammed with people. For some reason, beach season is only a few weeks long in Mallipo. (We were lucky even to be able to rent the “parasols” we did.) I don’t know whether it’s like that in Busan, but it seems to be the state of affairs along that stretch of the West Coast.

I’d be surprised if it differs much anywhere outside Busan, actually, but I’d love to hear about it if anyone knows more than I do!

UPDATE 2: Maybe this plugin will do its job? Let’s see:

[flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157606976131126"]

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