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“Dhuluma No More” in the Current Asimov’s SF…

“Dhuluma No More” is the second story I’ve published in Asimov’s SF so far: it’s in the October/November double issue which should now be on newsstands, if I have my information. Here’s the advance notice of the issue, and the Table of Contents for the issue.

As usual, I won’t be seeing the issue for a while, but a few of the things in it look interesting to me, according to this review of the issue. I’m curious especially to see what my Clarion West instructor Ian R. MacLeod did with his alt-history of the Sepoy Mutiny set in England under Mughal rule (in part since I have a similar project sitting around involving a Chinese opium trade in England and an Opium War against the British queen).

It’s on newsstands, so if you’re in the English-speaking world, you should be able to get yourself a copy relatively easily. For those further afield, you can check out the Fictionwise electronic edition if you’re so inclined.

As for my Easter Egg post on the story itself, that’s here.

UPDATE: The Fictionwise eMagazine edition is now available for those who are far from the Anglophone world. It’s DRMed, but it’s there, anyway.

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