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Left Flank linked to the excellent opinion piece on the state of Korean society by a Korean correspondent who spent almost five years abroad, titled Koreans Need to Learn Life Skills.” She spells it out, asking essentially what kind of adults do you get in a society where children are shuffled between cram schools and have no childhood? A society with poor time-management skills, poor creativity, inflexibility when it comes to adapting to the massive changes that are doubtless ahead of us in this already future-shocked century, and… well, go read it.

As I’ve said before, Lime is a fan of any measure that would collapse the hakwon industry, and now, I’m starting to think, along with finding a way to get rid of mandatory military service (which I’ve long considered a blight on the education system and lately begun to understand is much worse than that — it’s psychological vandalism against the imaginative, creative, and cognitive capacity of approximately half the nation’s youth), a change in the way Koreans think about childhood and education needs to happen.

If more people treated their kids the way Kim Sun Wook’s parents did, and if fewer treated their kids study machines, or like this, then what could be achieved?

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