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Yaar, Free Booty

Shimmerzine did a pirate issue last year.

Today’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. (Well, in US time it still is.)

You can download a PDF of that issue of the magazine free here. Er, mates. It’s booty, it’s free.

Go get it!

And while you’re at it,  pick up a copy of the current issue, which has a story by my excellent friend and, yes, classmate from Clarion West, Tinatsu Wallace. It’s been getting great reviews, and deservedly so… from what I remember of the first draft, anyway.

(I just ordered my copy of the issue, so I haven’t seen it yet. I wish they had formats other than PDF, so I could just get the e-version and read it on my reader, which happens to hate PDFs. Sigh! But it’ll be nice to have a hard copy, anyway.)

UPDATE (20 Sept. 2008): While you’re at it, the adventure fantasy mag Black Gate is giving away issue #12 for free, too, if PDF is okay with you. Get it here. If you like it, go on and subscribe.

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