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Workshop? (Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Katherine Rusch)

There’s a workshop looking for a participant. Genre fiction, one spot. The details are making the rounds by email, but I figured I’d post it in case anyone’s interested. The details are in the extended post.

Hi everyone,

Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Katherine Rusch’s fall 2009 master’s class had a student drop out, which means there’s now an opening. He says this will be the last master’s class he will offer.

Dean would like the word spread to fill this opening. Here’s the link
to his workshop page.

The info for this specific workshop is:

–MASTER CLASS FALL 2009. October 3, 2009 through October 17, 2009. $2,500.00. Includes 15 nights room. Instructors: novelists Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Loren L. Coleman, Christine York and New York editors Ginjer Buchanan and John Douglas. A complete master course on ever detail about the publishing industry and two weeks of help on craft issues to help professionals understand what they do well and what needs work on the craft side to help sell regularly. Business and craft, a boot camp for professional level writers. If your goal is to make a living with your writing, or your career is stalled, this is the workshop to take. One Spot Remaining!

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