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Found! Daily Pillbox

A while ago when I first started using hypertension meds, I went shopping for a “daily pillbox” — you know, those plastic thingies with a compartment for each day of the week, into which you can put the day’s pills so you don’t forget to take them.

I searched for the damned thing, but the three or four pharmacies I tried all had the same answer: “Nope, never heard of that.” Finally, I just figured it was not something I could buy in Korea, and I’d have to just wait until I got to North America to buy one.

(Or, rather, in a rare flash of optimism, I imagined I might be off the pills by then and not need one.)

Well, the other day my neighbours invited me along to Homeplus, where they were going for groceries, and since I felt like getting anyway, I happened to go along. And what do you know but…

… Yup. Homeplus has ’em. I bought one, though I probably got the wrong kind for my needs. (They have two styles — a long strip, or a compact little heptagon. The heptagon is better for travel, so I figure I’ll get it for my trip this summer, and then give away the strip-styled one to the first person who mentions going onto a medicine long-term.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t live here, that’s pretty normal for Korea: when you want to buy something, it’s usually not in the place you’d think, and often not even in the places where you decide to try next. A lot of stuff is available, but tracking it down is the tricky part, and sometimes you have to just sort of relax and let yourself stumble onto things.

That “just relax” part is tough for some of us, but I figure that’s also part of the lesson I can learn from this whole “hypertension” thing. Because I could look at the condition as an emblem of failure, of bodily neglect, and so on — initially I did — but now I figure it’s more worthwhile to just learn something from it.

A wake-up call, then.

(Incidentally, that’s how I’m looking at the injury that put me out of exercising last week, and the cold that’s stopping me from doing much this week: it’s teaching me that my exercise routine — which was approaching 3-4 hours a day, 4-5 days a week — was simply too much, unbalanced, and unhealthy. More is not always better, my body says, even for the healthy stuff.

Yeah, I got it, I reply. Cough, cough. Now can you defeat this bloody cough? I’d like to go for a walk…

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