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Seoul International Book Fair 2009, and Mike’s Visit

So my friend Mike was in town this weekend, and after he arrived (and I arrived at CoEx Mall pathetically late), our first stop (after food) was the Seoul International Book Fair. From the website, I thought it might be a little more trade/professional than it was, but we had a good time wandering, chatting with people occasionally, and checking out some of the art and books that were on display.

I got some posters by a photographer named Choi Young Jin — stupid me, I should have gotten him to sign them — and Mike had a good chat with a pop-artist from the west who was living part-time in Korea and part-time in Ireland, I think it was.

The rest of the weekend was good, talking about writing and also about other stuff we’re both sort of dealing with these days. The good food, and good beer, didn’t hurt, either, but it was the good company and being out with a friend — and being cheered up by seeing his perspective on things, cheered up in a way I’ve been needing lately — that really made the weekend stand out.

Now I need to sleep, for I must scurry over to the Incheon Immigration Office, to my travel agent, and to the hospital all before my 4:00 pm class tomorrow!

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