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Facebook Rumors of my Winning an Award have Been Greatly Exaggerated

So I posted a thank-you list to an unlinked page on my blog so I could mention it during the 1 minute long “speech” I’d be getting if the incredible does happen…

…because one NEVER knows, right?

Then the page (not post, page) got crossposted to my Facebook feed by some automated thing I installed ages ago.


If you’re confused, so was I. Argh! Thank goodness my sister called me. The results doesn’t start getting announced in the big ceremony for a whole two more hours folks, and I’m betting on whoever won the airplane fight.

(But hope springs eternal!)

However, I will now punch Facebook in the teeth at the first opportunity. Grrrr.

See you on the other side of tonight, dear old world. (I’ll tell you about my wonderful, amazing summer trip either way.)

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