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Shine Acceptance

Well, way back when, Jetse de Vries (who, I’m pleased to see, makes me feel much better about my own lack of posting here — he hasn’t updated since summer!) announced he would be putting together a short-story collection titled Shine, featuring optimistic near-future SF. Of course, I immediately began working on something, and what do you know? When I met him this summer, he told me that he was taking the story I submitted to him. Between that and the bearhug he gave me on first meeting, Jetse made quite an impression on me, and it was a very good one. It was definitely one of the many wonderful highlight moments of the summer.

(And I realize now I didn’t ever get around to writing the second half of my blog post about my summer holidays. I shall have to try do it before my winter holidays start.)

Anyway, Jetse’s been busy: there’s a magazine he’s set up online featuring this kind of story as well, here, and he’s about to launch a contest of some sort to promote the April release of Shine. You can check at the anthology’s blog on Monday (November 30th, I presume Netherlands time so if you’re in Korea, check on Tuesday!) for more about that.

Anyway, Jetse’s not announcing the table of contents (TOC) — because the contest (which involves what he describes somewhere as “scintillating prizes”!) involves the TOC implicitly. But I assure you, I’m in there somewhere.

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