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Purdy Covers and More Publication News…

Well, it’s time for an update. I may have mentioned some of this before, but to make sure I’ve mentioned it all:

In all, 2009 was somewhat unproductive for me, in terms of writing and publishing fiction. I sold a number of things in the second half of the year, but only had two new stories and a poem appear in print. This is partly related to how busy I was with personal things this year, but also is partly related to work. My job already involves a lot of work outside of normal work hours; with publication requirements added in, I am scrambling to produce publishable papers, as well as keep up with classes, and writing goes by the  wayside. (However, an unfortunate freelance job also ate up my time. I have learned my lesson, believe me.)

Anyway, I fully expect 2010 to be more productive. I’m going to make it be. But I’m not dismayed by how things are at the moment. I have lots of (pretty good!) short stories to tidy up and send out, and that’s my project for the next little while, as I research and reread what I’ve written already for my current work-in-progress (working-titled A Killing in Burma); then I can hunker down for the long novel-drafting haul.

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