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Readings 2009

UPDATE: Ooops! I forgot the Rilke I read. Not sure how that happened, but I’ve added it to the end of my list of works.UPDATE 2: Ooops, and Lisa Randall. How could I forget that?

ORIGINAL POST: Among my frustrations with 2009 was the fact I got to read way fiction less than usual. WAY less. I was very busy with many things, including health concerns that prompted spome very intensive exercise, new academic writing responsibilities, travel, and also a lot of time spent intensively working on dealing with some personal issues, as well as doing the basic research on my new hobby (home-brewing beer) and working on The Freelance Project That Refused to F*cking Die.

So anyway, I got to read a hell of a lot less fiction than I wanted to. I’m way behind on all the magazines to which I subscribe, fiction novels I meant to get to sat untouched, and I am not pleased with that at all. Worst of all, I didn’t really even keep track of what I read this year. However, I will try to reconstruct a partial list from memory, leaving out the self-help books because I don’t feel like posting those.

Since I’m working from memory, I’m sure there’s a book or three that I’ve missed. (I almost missed several of the books that ended up listed, after all, so I suspect there are a few more that never made it.) One more thing: I ended up looking at a LOT of short stories online (and listening to a number of short stories that were podcastn online as well), as well as shorter academic articles for papers I was working on or wrote. Those aren’t counted here, since this list a book list. But I think for 2010, I’m going to start carefully tracking all that stuff, since I’ve definitely begun thinking of listening to podcasts as “reading”… well, kinda-sorta.


Homebrewing-Related Books: (which are also nonfiction, but I figured I’d give it its own section):

SF/Fantasy and Related

Other Fiction

Graphic Novels


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백만 광년의  고독 (One Million Light-Years of Solitude) SOAO Workshop anthology from Omelas, December 2009.
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