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Alone With Gandhari

As of right now, my story “Alone With Gandhari” is online as part of Clarkesworld issue #42. (Yeah!) If you’re more of a fiction listener, I can happily direct you to the wonderful Clarkesworld podcast of the story in which the tale is narrated (and briefly but insightfully commented upon) by the ever-sensitive and dramatic reader Kate Baker.

The rest of the lineup is well worth checking out, too: Jeremy L.C. Jones interviews Kij Johnson (about, among other things, her Nebula-nominated “Spar,” which appeared alongside my last story in Clarkesworld) and there’s a short piece on neuroscience and SF by Luc Reid. I especially want to direct your attention to Matthew Kressel’s “The History Within Us”: it’s a particularly striking, dark far-future story about, well, a nightmare from which we cannot wake — though maybe we can find a reason to live on within it. Kressel’s story reminds me how fun it can be to watch an author destroy all hope, just to see what your characters will do with the tattered remnants of what was once their lives. Like I said, well worth checking out…

Finally, I just wanted to say I think it’s cool how Georgi Markov’s cover art seems weirdly appropriate, in a sort of metaphorical way, to both Matthew’s and my own story. That’s just really cool.

By the way, if you enjoy my story, please feel free to stop by my Stories page to read a little more about its background, genesis, and so on.

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