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Stuff of Interest (From Papers I’m Grading)

While grading essays, I always encounter things that are interesting. I’ve decided to make note of a few of them, for a record if nothing else.

In my English & American Popular Culture course, we’ve been focused on early-20th century American pop culture, but the students have written essays about late-20th century pop culture.  (This is a way of giving them a chance to attack issues we haven’t discussed, as well as  a way of giving them more time to research what they want to discuss in their final papers.)

Anyway, some of the interesting moments, ideas, and thoughts that have occurred to me as I’ve been reading their essays:

I’m currently eight essays from the end of the Popular Culture course stack of midterm papers (a little over halfway), and  I’ve written approximately 6500 words of feedback. I find typing the feedback easier than writing it by hand, and faster too. I should finish this by sometime on Friday, when it will be time to move on to the Business Across Cultures stack —  which will  be much faster, with only eight papers in the pile. Then the writing classes, which I’ll do next week, and a small stack of assignments from the Popular Culture class once again. Busy busy!

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