The First Album I Ever Bought For Myself

It was an LP. It was a soundtrack. I had that whole thing memorized a few days after I bought it. Later would come Glenn Miller (my mom’s choice, since I was about to start playing the saxophone), and then Bon Jovi (yes, Slippery When Wet, I’ll admit it), Miles Davis, Guns’N’Roses (and then the […]

My Name in Korea[n]

A few responses have come in for my post about Names That Ain’t Workin’ so I figured I’d add something about my name, the use of “foreign” names, and more. First, the last issue. I don’t really see the point in taking on a foreign name. Sure, it would give Koreans something to call me […]


Bizarre photo, I know. Miss Jiwaku suggested I pose with these two, probably because she found it amusing to see Koreans dressed this way; we were both quite surprised to see a costume like the woman on the left is wearing being used at all in Seoul, much less for a commercial property,on a Friday […]

Glitch: Tersesat Dalam Waktu (My First Indonesian SF Film)

So, I’ve just finished watching Glitch: Tersesat Dalam Waktu (English: Glitch: Getting Lost In Time) as I write this. (It will end up being posted later, but I’m writing it now, so I’ll just write it in the present time.) It’s one of the DVDs I managed to pick up while in Jakarta that is actually […]

One abstract out… one to go (later).

Well, that’s one of two paper abstracts sent out. The deadline was the end of the month. This one I particularly want to get accepted, as it’s the WorldCon in Melbourne this fall. We’ll see what happens! (It’s basically a presentation of how (sometimes) I use SF in my classes not only to teach about […]