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One abstract out… one to go (later).

Well, that’s one of two paper abstracts sent out. The deadline was the end of the month. This one I particularly want to get accepted, as it’s the WorldCon in Melbourne this fall. We’ll see what happens! (It’s basically a presentation of how (sometimes) I use SF in my classes not only to teach about the role of SF in American culture, but also to teach about American or global Anglo culture more generally, and also to throw current events in Korea into a kind of comparative relief to get students to look at, and talk about, things from a different angle. It’s also about the reasons why I think SF is particularly useful for this purpose in the context of Korea and possibly other societies where the popularity of SF seems most attenuated.)

The other proposal is on the use of creative projects in the TEFL classroom, as an alternative to some of the other “simulated real communication” approaches we so often use. That’s for a conference in Seoul in October, but the abstract  is only needed in July, so I’ll wait till after the end of semester to write that one up.

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