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In Seoul? Love Jazz?

Here are two bits of news for you:

  1. This Friday and Saturday (June 11th/12th) there’s an international jazz festival on in Seoul. There are free shows in the park. Not sure if there are pay concerts also — I wish David Sanchez would have a giant 3 hour gig but I doubt it.  Maybe at some other venue, while he’s here? Seems like a shame to come just for 6 songs, no matter how extended the improvisations might be. I just found out about this on Marmot’s , need to look into it more.
  2. A jazz fan among my students told me that Keith Jarrett will be playing a concert in Seoul later this year, and it looks like it’s going to be in early October. The tickets are (or will be — not sure if they’re on sale yet) a frigging arm and a leg, but it is Jarrett accompanied by Jack De Johnette and Gary Peacock, and if you’ve heard the trio, you know it’ll be  worth it. (Though maybe not the W200,000 seats. That’s a bit steep, if you ask me.)
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