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Another Draft Down… EDIT: Two, Actually!

Well, I’m pleased… I cranked out another 2,500-odd words today, bringing the total wordcount for “Capped” to 10,600 words. It will need some trimming, of course, and I hope I can get it down to at least 9,000 words, maybe 8,000 or 7,500 even. But it’s another story drafted, and I am pleased.

Next up is a very short piece I’ve been thinking about drafting for a few days now. I should be able to pump out a draft of that tonight, too, if I can keep focus. If not, well, I won’t feel badly. I got 2,500 words written today, and at least 1,500 of them probably won’t be cut, too… I hope.

EDIT: And hey, whaddaya know — another 900 words tonight on the draft of a flash-length hard SF story (which is finished, except nitpicky bits — place names and such). That’s a nice daily total of 3400 words. Whew!

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