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Write-a-Thon Results

Well, as I announced about six weeks ago, I participated in the Clarion West Write-a-Thon again this year, I think the first time since 2007. I pledged something insane: to write three academic papers in six weeks, to the point of them being ready to send out at the end of the six weeks.

Well, the result was: close, but not quite, but I’m still quite chuffed by what I did achieve, and a few things got thrown into the mix that I didn’t expect, so I’m overall quite pleased with what I did manage:

So that’s the results in terms of writing. In terms of fundraising, I only garnered $110 dollars in donations, though anyone interested in supporting the Clarion West workshop — the workshop that gave me my start as an SF author! — is still able to make a contribution on my page for the Write-a-Thon.

If anyone who made a donation wants to see the papers, feel free to email me and you can check out the final drafts. (It’s very academic stuff, though, be warned!)

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