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Ev’rything I’ve Got

I have fond memories of Holly Cole’s dark and seductive version of this song (on Don’t Smoke in Bed), but that’s not online, and I found something even better — in a sense…

Truly bizarre: the music is… well, it feels like a cross between a high school marching band and some TV network’s in-house orchestra.

And then there’s the video, which looks like it cost a few hundred bucks to put together, plus the (can’t be too much!) wages for the dancers. What is that, some kind of abandoned train yard or something?

Vikki Carr definitely ain’t no Ella Fitzgerald:

… but then, she ain’t tryin’ to be.

If you haven’t clicked on either video and checked out the song, by the way, well… I’d originally imagined that the Rodgers & Hart musical it’s from, By Jupiter, was be some kind of adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, but it turns out it’s some kind of crazy fantasy musical where Hercules, Theseus, and Homer end up in the land of the Amazons!

(I’m guessing it hasn’t been staged in a while.)

Anyway, it’s one of those songs that simply must be sung by a woman: sung by a man, the humor is just, well, discomfiting. Unlike, say, “But Not For Me,” which Carol Burnett ssng on the Muppet Show and (except for not changing the gender specific lyrics, as Burnett didn’t do for some strange reason), it works for both male and female singers:

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