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Well, I’ve been home for about 48 hours now, but it was a busy couple of days.

Tuesday I had a full day of classes, well, from noon to 7pm; and today, I had an empty day but had some things to do, especially getting my ankle looked at. Oh, yes, sprinting across the Sydney airport on Monday morning, as well as the cold weather in Melbourne, resulted in a recurrence of the tendinitis in my left ankle. Which sucks. But it’s getting better, with hot packs and pills and so on.

I’ve written a few posts that I’ll be putting up over the next few days: about the conference and WorldCon I attended in Australia; some reviews of different Australian and Belgian beers I had in Melbourne; some other stuff too. But for today, I have some class planning left to go, and other things to do, so this shall have to suffice.

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