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The Microme Century

I’ve been thinking for years that SF’s love affair with nanotech was really just a symptom of a disease afflicting both physicists and technocrats in general: microorganism envy, or rather, the envy of those who work with the fascinating microworlds of biology. Well, this article has some interesting suggestions about how the growing realization of just how much of a role bacteria play in human life, and the biosphere generally.

Bacteria-mediated and bacteria-friendly surgery. The human Microme project. The mental health effects of bacteria in yogurt. This is definitely an article to check out for anyone who wants some idea of the weirdness of this so-called biotech century we’re in. Ha, and homebrewed beer fits into that, too, I’m sure.

After all, as my favorite homebrewing blogger, The Mad Fermentationist, suggests in the name of his blog, there’s something scientific–in terms of microbiology–to the art of brewing beer the old-fashioned (or new-old-fangled) way.

Well, and as for my own mad fermentation experiments:

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