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Brewday: Gentle Haejeok Oatmeal Stout

So, I am brewing up an oatmeal stout at the moment. It’s based on Randy Mosher’s “Black Pirate Ship Stout” recipe, from the book Radical Brewing, which some kind soul input at Hopville here. The concept of this beer is a dark stout–though I held back on the black patent malt, and it won’t be quite as black as Mosher’s, I think–laced with a punch of spices. However, I was making this for Miss Jiwaku, who is a fan of stouts and who asked me to make a beer with a lower alcohol level so she could enjoy more of it. (An understandable request, giving the slightly higher alcohol levels of the Belgian beers I’ve been making lately.)

The beer is named “gentle” because it’s a bit milder on the alcohol level — and thus also milder on the bittering and on the black patent malt. The “Haejeok” part of the name (Anglophones will say it “Hey-juck”) is the Korean name for pirate, though in fact the beer has more Indonesian flair than Korean. But I am branding my homebrew “Wonmi 山” (“Wonmisan,” ie. “Wonmi Mountain”) so a Korean name is still appropriate.

The recipe, for those interested, is here. Here are some thoughts on the decisions I made, and on the process:

That’s it for now. I think my next recipe will be another attempt at a Dubbel, same recipe as last time, but scaled-up for a 5-gallon batch, and using a different Belgian yeast. That said, I have a batch of Brett going and will also be wanting to do another ale, maybe an IPA, on part of the cake that grows up from this beer.

Which means, frankly, I have a lot of bottling to do (hopefully, much of it to be done this Friday afternoon and night, and Sunday morning), because I have three beers ready to bottle and no 5-gallon carboys empty. (And a couple of those beers, I’d like to enter in the Homebrewkorea Brewfest, even if they will still be a little green still by then.) Now is one of those times when I wish I’d switched to kegging long ago. It sounds like a bad idea now, but it would have saved me a lot of pain in the ass if I had switched while it was still practicable.

Ah, speaking of which:

UPDATE: Missed the volume and added some sterilized water before fermentation began. It was petering out today, but the spice was too strong for the amount of alcohol, the body, and the bitterness, so I boiled up 650 grams of Amber DME and added that. Fermentation has recommenced apace. This should be ready to rack to secondary in a few days, though. So I should think of what to brew up to dump onto half the yeast cake. It’s not quite cold enough to try out the Cry Havoc as a lager yeast yet, so I am thinking maybe some kind of Pale Ale (of the Indian sort) would be nice.

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