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This afternoon, I had to make a trip to the department office to hand in some paperwork, so I decided to email myself the manuscripts for a bunch of short stories that I’ve either submitted for critique, or else want to submit for crits, and which I want to revise this summer, alongside the novel-drafting I’m doing.

I figure, the university is giving me “credit” (as achievements, but not as publications) for story publications, so I ought to be able to print stories at the department office for the purposes of revision and editing.

One reason I printed the stories is that, while I find the actual application of edits, and the process of drafting, both immensely easier using a computer, I find editing itself to be quite difficult without a pen and a paper printout of the text I’m working on — at least, this is true of the fiction I write.

Anyway, I polished up a story that was critiqued long ago — last winter, before we lost several members to expat drift — to the point where I could send it out tonight, which is nice. I need to get more work out into circulation.

(I also discovered a story that is pretty much complete and ready to send out, if only I can think of a place to send it.)

I wonder what other people find is useful for editing. For me, a black or red pen, and a printout of the story — especially printed two pages to a sheet, which minimizes the amount of paper shuffling necessary when entering the edits into the electronic text.

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