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블라인드 Blind, Part 2: Some Notes on Depicting the Physically Challenged

The other day, I posted my thoughts on the newly-released Korean film 블라인드 (Blind). I thought I’d follow up with some thoughts on the depiction of physically handicapped people, for anyone who’d like to be reminded of the lessons of which I was reminded by the films missteps.

A lot of this is not just applicable to depicting people with physical disabilities, but also to depicting people of any group about which one does not know intimately, or which experiences the world in a way different from oneself (through the lens of another gender or sexual orientation, a different race or religion or culture or philosophy, and so on):

While I’d bet nothing here is a shocking revelation, I think all of these points are worth reminding yourself about when you’re setting out to write a story about someone with a disability.

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