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Something Cheerful, and my Mazing Plans

Both of the other posts I drafted today were about gloomy things — bigotry, on a Korean bus and in an American TV show — but I figured, since it’s the first day of semester, I’d post something cheerful. Miss Jiwaku and I stumbled on something pretty surprising in the Hyundai Department Store tonight, on the way home from dinner:

Yeah, that’s three Rogue brewery beers — Dead Guy Ale, Amber Ale, Mocha Porter — and three Lost Coast brewery beers — Indica, Great White, and Tangerine — shelved in the beer section of a department store in Bucheon.

Yes, in Bucheon. The Hyundai Dept. Store in Jung-dong, to be precise.

Of course, the clerk commented to the lady bagging the other stuff we bought about it. “Wow, foreign beer is so expensive.” I told her, “But it’s really delicious!” She didn’t seem to buy that it was delicious enough to warrant five bucks a bottle, or more. Well, but that’s not a horrible price, as foreign beers in Korea go. (But there’s room for improvement on pricing, once they stop taxing the hell out of it. I mean, it’s not cheap!)

I picked up one each of the Lost Coast, as well as a couple of bottles of Dead Guy. (Because I like Rogue and have heard good things about Dead Guy specifically.) The beer lived up to the rumors, at least for me at first try: very fruity and flavorful, not much hop (though I’ve heard fresh it’s very hoppy.) I don’t know how it can be a Maibock when they used ale yeast, but hey, styles, whatever: it’s a good beer, period.

Meanwhile, in other happy news, honey was discounted to half price at the same department store — I assume it’s the honey that has sat around and needs to be sold so newly-harvested stuff can be put on the shelf, but I figured, since I’m about to make a sweet mead, I might as well make two, and since I have more honey on hand, I can also experiment making a nice strong braggot.

So I’ve revised my mazing (meadmaking) plans and for the moment they look like this — so as to account for the fact that the mead is probably just not as fresh as could be:

I’ll make the first two this week, and, hopefully as it goes with sweeter meads, they shouldn’t take as long to age. The braggot I’ll make hopefully by mid-month — I imagine probably I’ll make it when the fermentation ceases on the BPA, in fact — maybe this weekend, even! (Since it seems to be slowing down, finally.) And then that’s one carboy or keg tied up for a few months, since the stuff benefits from bulk aging!

Man, though: I wish I could get my hands on some buckwheat honey… haven’y seen anything like that in Korea at all, but I’d make this if I could.

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