A Society Without Debate

UPDATE (25 Nov. 2011): So, I got some of my facts wrong. I first heard the news about the FTA vote verbally, in the form of a couple of rants about how it went down. When I read the article, the wording was such that it didn’t contradict what I’d been led to believe had […]

Wonder Indeed…

Miss Jiwaku was once offered a job to travel to Indonesia, accompanying K-pop groups like Wonder Girls and translating for them. She was not, I must note, impressed with the fact she would be traveling with a pop group she considers a blight on Korea’s international reputation; for her, it was about getting paid a […]

Competition Brewday: Wonmisan Sour Pale Ale

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I brewed two beers today. I am trying to make a unique post for each beer recipe or batch I make, so I can update them separately. Since I’m not disclosing the recipe for that until after the contest, I’ll just say that I have high hopes for […]

Competition Brewday: Wonmisan (Bukhansan?) Pale Ale

Well, today (18 Nov.) was a big day. I brewed a split double-sized batch. I think I really need to start doing more small batches, and more batches that are split after the boil. The split-double batch that gets two different boils is a lot more work. However, I managed to economize on time by […]