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Pardon the Mess…

Pardon the mess, all: some of the links around here are not going to work so well for the next few days, until I finish tidying up my template stuff around here.

The good news is, I love my new template (courtesy of PressWork) and I think it makes my blog much more readable and professional-looking. (And it’s much easier to tinker with settings as well, thanks to the theme’s frontend.)

I’ve wanted to change my template for a while now, not only to get rid of pages that aren’t useful, but also so I could reorganize categories and also the navigation system for the site. For a while I thought about using a magazine theme, but they tend to focus on images, whereas my blog is text-centric.

Not only that, but some people told me they liked having my main blog the way it is — posts about brewing, books, writing, and life in Korea all jumbled together. But I’ve also wanted to set things up so that people just looking for fiction to check out, or brewing posts, or reviews of brewing books, could do that easily. I also wanted to have an excuse to spend the ridiculous amount of time necessary to slim down the categories on my blog from way more than I’ll ever use, to seven or eight useful categories (with tags doing the heavy lifting in terms of subcategorization).

So anyway, if you start poking around some of the links up above, you might find they don’t work yet. Give me a couple of days to get all of that sorted out, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with what you see. (I frankly cannot get everything working behind maintenance mode, so like it or not, I have to go back to normal mode to finish the tidying anyway!)

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