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A Question to my Readers

For those who who are still occasionally (or often?) reading this blog, a few questions/observations:

  1. In the last 48 hours or so, I’ve remodeled the site extensively, with a lovely new theme by Presswork. I think the site looks a lot better now than it has in years — at least, on my Ubuntu system and Miss Jiwaku’s huge-assed Mac monitor — and the change in decor has gotten me feeling like blogging a bit more again. Of course, I’m working on getting the older posts sorted into categories and tagged.This is not a small job, since I spent the first few years of my blogging without any tags; once I discovered them, I kind of stopped using categories. And then I started using both in different ways. With almost 4,000 posts racked up on this blog, organizing is not a small task. It will likely be ongoing for some time…  so pardon the mess, please. Some things just aren’t ready to go up (such as, for example, the soundtrack for The Music of Jo Hyeja) and other things still need some updating to render them more useful, such as the front page.
  2. I’ve been surprised, in looking back over posts, at how interesting some of the old ones were. I’m looking for a way of highlighting older posts. I’m not sure whether I want to post them to the front page occasionally, do something automated (like a “one year ago today… two years ago… three years ago…” plugin) or just have a “possibly related posts” list of links to similar posts  following individual posts. Thoughts?
  3. Is there anything missing from the site as you see it? I’ve removed a few things, and moved others generally. (For example, my blogroll is now on a page of its own, which you can access under the HOME menu in the top navbar.) If you see any issues, let me know!
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