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“Fix” Published, and Launching “Stuff To Read”

Asimov's July 2012 cover
Page 37... that's me, baby.

Well, only subscribers will see it for now, but I just got my contributors’ copies for the July 2012 issue of Asimov’s SF, which contains my short poem “Fix” (along with work by a number of other wonderful writers, including Robert Reed and Michael Blumlein, the latter an author I’ve read and admired since I first started reading speculative fiction: The Brains of Rats is still on my shelf, here in Korea!)

Even better, This is the first of two appearances I’ll be making in Asimov’s this year, with my short story “The Bernoulli War” coming in the following issue (i.e.  August 2012), along with work from an impressive group of other authors.

Since this is my first poetry publication since 2009, and since I have published so little poetry  over all, people likely don’t know that I started out my writing (yeah, as a kid) with poems, and indeed worked on a lot of verse. It was only around 1998, I decided that genre fiction, and specifically SF, would be my focus.

I started developing a little annex on this site back in February, with the intention of launching it on International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day (April 23) but I ended up insanely overloaded, and hit some technical difficulties that I couldn’t sort out until late last week. Right now, there are a couple of short-short stories, as well as a lot of poems — some published, others unpublished (or, rather, since they’re on that site now, “self-published”). “Fix” isn’t there since the rights have not yet reverted to me, but there are a bunch of poems there for those who are curious or interested.

So it seemed appropriate to launch the annex today — a bit late, but, well, here it is: Stuff to Read by Gord Sellar:

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