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Heatstroke (Not the Music)

No, not the piano piece I composed as an undergrad, when I didn’t know how to write music for piano.

I mean actual heatstroke. I’m probably not heatstricken right now, but I sure felt like I was in the very early stages of it this afternoon: I was headachey and hot and needed to sit somewhere cool and where I went to buy water there was no cold water, and and and…

(Hence, this rambling post. Though, also, I am testing whether my Twitter account is going to repost with the right image from now on.)

But we finally found a place that was cool enough, and quiet, and drank things with ice, and I’m okay now. Mostly.

These days, it’s quite dry in Korea, which is weird. The summer is usually relatively muggy and damp, but out there right now, it’s a dry heat, and it cools off in the evenings a bit. Or, at least, that’s how it is in Bucheon.

Which is comfortable for me, but I haven’t the heart to hope it continues. As pleasant as my summer would be, compared to the usual.

After all, the reason behind this unusually comfortable weather is that South Korea’s having its  worst drought in decades. And so is North Korea, where drought combines with a moronic dynastic authoritarian clown show regime  to bring you the wonders of mass starvation.

So, you know, I’m hoping for some rain — or hell, even a little (mild! brief! near-miss on the high winds, but lots of rain!) typhoon action — would help improve things for all those farmers whose crops are taking a beating out there.

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