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Miracle Books Story Collection Deal

So last Saturday, I signed the contract on a book deal that had been in the works for a while. I had only hinted at it until now, but since the contract’s signed, I feel I can say something about it.

The twist is, the book’s a Korean-language project: the publisher is 기적의책 (Miracle Books, a small independent Korean speculative fiction publisher), which has published a few projects so far, including Korean translations of Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, Ray Cummings’ The Girl in the Golden Atom, and Heinlein’s Orphans of the Sky. (As well, of course, as involvement in the Miraekyung zine.)

The rough plan last time I was updated on it was basically to collect my published (and some of my not-yet-published) short fiction in a single volume. As far as I know, the translations will be carried out by my Insu Hong, who translated my “Dhuluma No More” for Vol. 2 of Miraekyung, and has tackled some very challenging work more recently–apparently he’s currently working on a book I once recommended to him, Charlie Stross’s Saturn’s Children

This is my first book contract, so it’s exciting and weird all at once. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out… though, if things go according to plan, this is going to be a formidable tome! It’s also nice to be working with people I’ve known socially for a while: I feel a little more like I’m in good hands, and that is reassuring.

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