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Linkery, Linkery…

I have a huge list of links marked “to post” which, to be honest, I find kind of daunting. I used to post links a lot more, but lately my blog is mostly devoted to housing my ongoing project, Blogging Ezra Pound’s The Cantos, along  with occasional posts on SF or Korea-related issues.

But I have had a few tabs open on my browser for over a week, which seem worth posting to me, and having been delayed for my critique group’s meeting by an annoying fridge-related disaster (though less delayed than another member), I am now sitting in a coffeeshop. While I’m taking a break from reading Bulfinch’s Mythology for the course I’m teaching, I figure I’ll post those links, and a few more while I’m at it.



Most of those SF links are dated: I have things to say about the more recent goings-on in SF — the Readercon thing, the reevaluation of bigotry in the work of early authors, and so on — but that’s all in this huge post I’d like to edit down to non-huge size. So… more on that soon.

And now, with people messaging me to meet and have dinner, I should end this.

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