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And Soon, We Shoot

You’ll have to forgive me for doing something today that I don’t often do: being (relatively) brief.

I’m busy, is why. I am now grading essays from midterms — a few weeks late, I’ll admit — and then I’ll be storyboarding the film we start shooting our next short film project in Bucheon at the end of the month. The tentative plan is to get the thing shot in four long days of hard work, but if it takes an extra weekend, we’ll make it happen. To get that done, we need to be so damned organized you wouldn’t recognize us.

But I will at least say we got approval regarding our adaptation script. Technically, anyway: the author of the story we adapted had a lot of critical comments about the script, some of which obviously deserve to  be considered, and others of which I’m not sure I understand. I’m not saying the author is wrong, I’m saying that the creative process gets more complex and involves all kinds of balancing acts as soon as more than one person is doing creative work on it a single project. That, and stories never stay the same once they’re adapted. It’s part of the point of adapting a story. I’m sure the author sees the script as having left out all the really crucial stuff in the original; we see it as having taken and amplified all the most crucial stuff, and filled out things that were implied but not spelled out in the original text.

Anyway, we’ll certainly consider the feedback, but since the audio tracks are going to be recorded separately — almost everything is voiceover narration in this short film — we can shoot the visuals first and modify the dialog later on, prior to recording with our voice actors.

The other audio tracks–that is, the musical content of the film — I’ll be creating with my Akai EWI 4000S, the MIDI/audio USB adapter, Miss Jiwaku’s Mac, and whatever sequencing/recording application I can scrounge up. (Probably whatever comes with the MAudio interface.) I’ve been experimenting with some of the Patchman sounds on the EWI and certain ones seem perfect for spacey, trippy, SF-soundtracky music.

Note: though I speculated at one point about the possibility, as of now we are not including musical numbers, by the way… we’ll save that for some later project. We’re probably breaking new ground in a few ways with this film just as it is, so I’ll settle happily for that.

In any case, that’s today’s update. I was about to reveal the title of the project, but I’ll save that for later… and there’s somewhere else it should first be announced anyway.

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