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Can You Make Risotto with a Southeast-Asian-Twang?

Apparently yes.

I was dealing with some stuff so I wasn’t so into it, but other people who tried it liked it… I suppose that’s encouraging, this being my first risotto. (It was a bit too salty, though.)

I basically followed Felicity Cloake’s advice, though:

The result?

The saltiness was a disappointment for me… in part because it resulted from a stupid mistake–while making the soup, I realized I had failed to reserve any stock for the risotto, and had to add (salted) soup stock to (salted) risotto-on-the-cook. Of course, all things are relative: it was too salty for me, but I suppose everyone else was fine.

Anyway. That’s that. Next week, Aglio Olio pasta, using a method I came up with the other day. It was pretty badass… Mrs. Jiwaku said it was the best she’d ever had, and that’s saying something as she’s crazy about Aglio Olio.

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